Let your imaginations run wild.


Let your imaginations run wild. :)


This took me 2 ballpens and made my arms drop down dead,but it doesnt stopped from letting my imaginations fly, nothing does.. because its like a feeling and emotion that wanted to come out from you, as long as you have your motivation, imspiration, feelings and your will to express, you will always be bound to make wonderful work of art.

How great is our God


A time will come when riches will vanish, when golds has no worth and diamonds looses it’s shine
When people realizes that the world have no value, where people starts to open their minds so truth will prevail, when they vividly comprehend the real meaning of life and grasp fully the significance of themselves. I for one, wanted to go to that time, even if it feels sad, at least its the truth. I am craving for that final feeling of certainty. The sense of belonging might be numb, the sense of care might vanish, and the sense of love might disappear. But it is the destiny, It is destined to happen and there is no escape from it. Future is unpredictable, flying cars, high tech-machines, superb technology- these are the things that comes to our mind when we hear the word “future” and yes, these things are undoubtedly to appear in our sights, but I’m not just pointing to this part of the future, I am pointing at the certain point where our God return to the earth. It is a said part of the future so it is yet to happen and It’s very unpredictable, but here’s the things that will surely happen, God our Father will come to judge the living and the dead,  It is the time when He will evaluate our life and decide whether we go to Hell with eternal suffering or go to heaven with eternal light and He will come forth and  do what he promised, and as He said, all things will vanish exept for His words that will eternally remain in every part of existence. So my friend we are here to prepare, not to enjoy, not to indulge, not to be joyfull,. WE ARE HERE FOR GOD. And as we walk through each journey of our individual lives, we should choose the right path where  God wanted us to be.  

- love

These are the activities God wanted us to do, and it is in his words that
As we do all these things, mountains will move into our will and we will overcome every problems life can give.c


Why is it? (a poem)


Eyes so focus,-why is it?

Hair so attractive,-why is it?

Eyebrows so alluring,-why is it?

Nose so charming,-why is it?

Chin so pretty,-why is it?

Lips so beautiful,-why is it?

But they call you ugly,-why is it?

They treat you like a trash,- why is it?

They make you cry,-why is it?

You still endures the pain,-why is it?

I want to hug you,-why is it?

I want to kiss you,-why is it?

My heart beats fast,-why is it?

I like you,-why is it?

But you dont like me,-why is it?

I still come close,-why is it?

You hurt me,-why is it?

You made me feel your pain ,-why is it?

I still endure the pain,-why is it?

I understand it all ,-why is it?

I hate the world ,-why is it?

I feel the pain ,-why is it?

I want to end this ,-why is it?

I held a knife ,-why is it?

I canot breath ,-why is it?

I am cold ,-why is it?

I still feel the pain ,-why is it?

I still love you ,-why is it?

I think it’s me (a poem)


Truth is so spicy

I need a water

It refreshes me

It makes me better

It’s crystal clear

And sugar coated

With sweet smear

I bacame contented

But I felt something

I feel dizzy

It is comming

Its more spicy

This can’t be happening

Lies should be sweet

This foolishness I’m making

Lead me more to deceit

I had been foolled

I must return

This thing I tooled

It gives me the burn

To the truth, I come

It is still spicy

But the person I become

I think it’s me.

At least I’m not sad (a poem)


Loosing hope

Cracking heart

I cannot cope

I’m missing a part.

They can do it all

But me, I can’t

I am in a fall

With a rapid pant.

Keep asking questions

Do I cout?

Useless meditations

What’s all this about?

Hating this place

Not knowing why

Pherhalps it’s a race

I want to cry

I became numb

I became glad

Even it’s so dumb

At least I’m not sad.

See Life (second)



         I have been experiencing many difficulties in my life, and it did nothing but strengthened me,
after all, difficulties is one of God’s way to strengthen us and to test us weather we are deserving to Emmit success or failure, so it is for us if we choose to stand in conflicts and succeed, or fall in failures and depression; moreover, I do believe that I am also very weak when it comes to dealing with these situations, but I  also believe that God can give me more strength, more wisdom, more faith, and righteousness to surpass all of the problems the world can give; so in conclusion, solving conflicts, and obtaining success is very easy if you have God by your side.